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Techman Robot Launches High-payload AI Cobot TM30S

Techman AI Cobot

Techman Robot announces the launch of the TM30S robotic arm. This state-of-the-art heavy payload AI collaborative robot (Cobot) is set to revolutionize the industry with its maximum payload capacity of 35kg, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in automation.

The TM30S is an extension of the TM AI cobot series, now catering to even higher payloads. With the ability to carry up to 35kg and boasting a reach of 1702mm across six joints, the TM30S offers the best “reach-to-weight” ratio compared to other cobots in the 30kg category. Its impressive reach, coupled with its robust carrying capacity, positions the TM30S as the ideal solution for palletizing applications.

Efficient AI Mixed case depalletizing with TM30S

TM30S stands out with its exceptional reach and heavy payload, surpassing other collaborative robots in its class. Equipped with built-in smart vision and a 3D camera. TM30S utilizes 3D and AI recognition technology to instantly detect the size and position information. This innovative technology allows the robot to arrange items without the need for pre-specified stacking patterns, handling complex scenarios like tilting, fitting, and tape wrapping, thus achieving efficient AI mixed case depalletizing.

Perfect for challenging heavy-duty automation

This robot’s versatility makes it ideal for a huge range of challenging tasks involving palletizing and packaging, massive pick-and-place jobs, material handling, and heavy machine tending. The TM30S particularly shines in specific applications such as semiconductor backend processes, which demand substantial manual labor for loading, unloading, and lifting wafer boxes that weigh up to 35 kilograms.

TM30S is a fully functional smart collaborative robot with powerful AI. It has smarter vision and peripheral software integration, and a more intuitive user interface. The TM30S leverages the next generation of AI to provide unprecedented automated production efficiency in smart manufacturing.

Source: Techman Robot Inc.


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