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RobotLAB Unveils Expanded Software and Updated Technology for its Pepper Robot

RobotLAB has unveiled the latest upgrades and advancements to its award-winning robotic companion, Pepper – a versatile customer service robot that can be tailored to meet the needs of banks, hospitals...

Richtech Robotics Announces Partnership with Zipphaus

Richtech Robotics Inc. has announced a joint venture with Zipphaus Corp. to launch robot-operated cafes in hospitals, airports, colleges and universities. This strategic partnership brings together...

Shanghai Hi-Dolphin’s Cofe+ Robot Café Completes Series A Funding Round

Shanghai Hi-Dolphin Robot Technology Co., Ltd. has announced the completion of its Series A funding round, led by renowned investor Yu Fangbiao. Yu Fangbiao has previously invested in angel rounds or Series A...

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