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Aniai Opens Showroom in New York City for its Alpha Grill

Aniai hamburger robot

Aniai announces its first North American showroom in Midtown Manhattan. Aniai’s flagship product Alpha Grill leverages advanced AI and robotics to automate the hamburger patty cooking process, enhancing efficiency and consistency in restaurant kitchens. Aniai has partnered with several notable, North American, quick-service-restaurant brands to conduct pilots, with an anticipated rollout at multiple locations over the next year.

With the launch of its New York showroom, Aniai is excited to offer existing and potential restaurant operators a direct glimpse of its Alpha Grill in action.

“We look forward to welcoming customers and industry professionals to our New York showroom to witness the future of kitchen automation,” says Eric Hansen, Head of Sales, North America. “I genuinely feel that we’re at the very beginning of a significant paradigm shift within the foodservice industry- a shift that embraces robotics to improve the lives of employees by reducing labor intensity and providing myriad ancillary benefits for restaurant operators over the long run.”

For restaurant operators who want to see firsthand the future of kitchen robotics sooner, Aniai will be making its second consecutive appearance at the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago in mid-May, where it will showcase the Alpha Grill along with several enhancements, most notably, ‘Alpha Cloud’. Using cloud-based AI, Alpha Cloud can discern the color of hamburger patties and assess their quality in real-time through vision sensors that monitor the cooking process; promptly notifying kitchen staff about patty quality while ensuring rigorous and enhanced quality control.

“Seeing is believing,” said Aniai CEO Gunpil Hwang. “When introducing innovative technology that’s the first of its kind, it’s important that potential adopters can see it in action and to fully understand exactly how it can enhance their businesses. This is what we’re planning to accomplish with our New York showroom, a permanent extension of what we’ve offered at the NRA Show.”

Source: Aniai


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