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Soft Robotics Demonstrates mGripAI™ at PackExpo 2023


Soft Robotics Inc. will be demonstrating mGripAI at Pack Expo, September 11-13 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas Nevada in booth N-10311.

By combining proprietary and industry-proven 3D vision, artificial intelligence, and soft grasping technologies into an easy-to-integrate, IP69K-rated solution, mGripAI enables system integrators and OEM machine builders to automate otherwise off-limits production processes using industrial robots now empowered with the sensory, cognitive, and dexterous abilities of human workers. 

At this event, Soft Robotics will demonstrate two mGripAI-powered applications in its booth:

  • Tray Packing Burger Patties Directly from Bulk – mGripAI will singulate patties from bulk and detect, present, and precisely orient grill marks as it packs them into neatly-styled trays upstream of a final sealing operation. The small form-factor system turns chaotic infeed directly into packaged product at a rate of up to 60 pieces per minute and is designed to fit, with minimal reconfiguration, into existing workspaces designed to accommodate human-centric processes.
  • Tray Packing Chicken Drumsticks from Bulk – mGripAI will pick, orient, and tray pack chicken drumsticks at rates of up to 60 picks per minute with a single robot.

Visitors to the Soft Robotics booth will also get a first-hand look at the power of mGripAI’s intuitive, and adaptable vision tools which are making AI-enabled applications easier than ever to deploy. In addition, Soft Robotics’ Harley Green will be speaking at the Innovation Stage 1 (C-2051) from 11:30 am – 12:00 pm on Tuesday, Sept 12 in a session titled “Easy-To-Integrate AI-Enabled Food Picking Solutions.”

“We’re excited at the commercial traction that we’re seeing with mGripAI,” said Harley Green, Vice President of Strategic Accounts at Soft Robotics. “More and more machine builders are seeing the flexibility that mGripAI can offer in the design of new systems. Whether it’s tray packing or loading other equipment for further processing, mGripAI can slot into an existing operation and have an immediate impact on yield.” 

mGripAI Key Benefits:

  • Eliminate product presentation requirements and remove the burden on upstream processes
  • Reduces dependency on unavailable labor
  • Increases throughput
  • Reduces automation footprint
  • Food safe with IP69K rated, food-grade components

Source: Soft Robotics Inc.


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