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 Seeds ‘n Snacks Announces Advanced Tahini Factory Production


Seeds ‘n Snacks will open their state-of-the-art sesame processing plant in Oklahoma City on September 21, 2023. The brand is the first to offer Tahini made in the USA using high-quality roasted sesame seeds and reimagined manufacturing processes.  

When looking for the ideal manufacturing location, Seeds ‘n Snacks decided on Oklahoma City after an exhaustive nationwide search. Critical factors included livability, workforce availability, logistics, and local agriculture. The company has spent the last 18 months reimagining the production process to deliver authentic taste and trademark creamy texture while ensuring the highest levels of quality, consistency, and safety.

“We looked at many regions known for manufacturing, and Oklahoma City delivered the perfect combination of talent, agriculture, and distribution to meet our needs,” said Marcel Hage, CEO. “These qualities are crucial to automate the manual production processes that have been relied upon for generations to produce the smooth and creamy texture of our Tahini.”

“Our main focus is to deliver the highest quality Tahini in the most hygienic environment,” adds Mohamad Fakhran, COO. “This is the first Tahini factory in the US that managed to combine authentic flavor with state-of-the-art automation.”

“Rasagra is well-known in Mediterranean markets for authentic flavor and high quality,” said Rasim Narin, CCO. “Seeds ‘n Snacks brings together traditional processes and the highest technology standards in food automation for our customers in the USA.”

Traditionally a staple in the Mediterranean diet, Tahini is increasing in popularity among American households where demand for whole, protein-rich, low-sodium foods is high. As the company grows, its product offering is expected to expand to include spices, packaged nuts, energy bars, sesame dressings and nut butter alternatives.

Source: Seeds ‘n Snacks


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