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Pudu Robotics Launches PUDU Open Platform


Pudu Robotics has announced the general availability of its PUDU Open Platform. The new development platform makes it possible for robot distributors to remotely access and program PUDU Robots for deeper customization, advanced navigation controls, personalized interactions and analytics. With PUDU Open Platform it’s never been easier for developers to use the full capabilities of robots and explore innovative ways to integrate them within a growing number of industries. 

Historically, robot products have been dependent on complex hardware and software systems, requiring a deep understanding of robot hardware architecture, sensors, motion control and a number of other functions in order to properly perform on-site, secondary development. A lack of user-friendly development tools and comprehensive documentation has compounded this skills gap and made it increasingly difficult to spawn innovation at the secondary development level. 

The PUDU Open Platform standardizes development interfaces and protocols for PUDU Robots, granting distributors and developers unprecedented access to core functions remotely. This enables them to explore advanced and diverse possibilities to create innovative solutions that push the boundaries of robotics, all while the robot remains on-site, and allows them to perform specific useful tasks for businesses without active human-robot intervention. With PUDU Open Platform, businesses can seamlessly integrate PUDU Robots into their existing systems and workflows, allowing for efficient and automated tasks such as food ordering, item delivery, inventory management, opening smart doors, cleaning and much more. 

“As robots further integrate into mainstream industries such as restaurant, hospitality, retail and healthcare, a standardized platform is critical to improving efficiency of workflows, lowering barriers to robotic adoption, and boosting revenue,” said Felix Zhang, founder and chief executive officer, Pudu Robotics. “Through the launch of PUDU Open Platform, our goal is enabling a new universe of custom integrations, while also giving our community of PUDU operators, distributors and developers a way to share knowledge and applications more effectively.” 

With the launch of PUDU Open Platform, Pudu Robotics is making it easier for customers to embrace the future of robotics and automation with an emphasis on: 

Flexible customization, seamlessly: PUDU Open Platform can be tailored to the specific needs of a business, and allows them to integrate PUDU’s robot technology into their own systems and operations without disrupting their existing infrastructure.

Enhanced efficiency: By using PUDU Open Platform, businesses can automate various tasks and processes, leading to improved operational efficiency. The platform enables businesses to optimize workflows, reduce manual labor, and increase productivity.

Advanced analytics and reporting: One of the biggest challenges for businesses incorporating robots into their operations is determining areas of improvement. PUDU Open Platform gives business access to advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing them to be data-driven in their decision making in the pursuit of process optimization.

Ongoing support and updates: As the world’s leading commercial service and robot manufacturer, Pudu Robotics offers ongoing community and partner support, as well as regular updates to the Open Platform. This ensures that businesses have access to the latest features, enhancements, security updates and community insights. 

Source: Pudu Robotics


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