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Fresh2 Group Launches Roxe Restaurant Robots

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Fresh2 Group Ltd. has announced its strategic plan to launch Roxe Restaurant Robots. This innovative step anticipates to mark a significant advancement in the culinary domain, as Roxe Restaurant Robots are designed to revolutionize kitchen operations with cutting-edge, robot-assisted cooking technology.

With the labor market increasingly averse to repetitive and mundane tasks, the restaurant industry finds itself at a crucial juncture. Roxe Restaurant Robots intend to be a solution to this challenge. By automating routine tasks, Roxe would enable restaurants to strategically reallocate their human resources, effectively addressing a critical industry need.

In a strategic leap, Fresh2 plans to integrate this innovative project with its pre-fabricated meal supply chain operation. This amalgamation aims to provide restaurant clients with a comprehensive solution that encompasses robot-assisted cooking and efficient meal supply chains, thereby redefining the industry landscape.

Source: Fresh2


Restaurant Robotics Technology

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