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EZVIZ Launches RS2 Robot Vacuum & Mop Combo


EZVIZ launches its first-ever robot vacuum & mop combo, the RS2. A single unit that sweeps, vacuums and mops, the RS2 deep-cleans hard floors and carpets with minimal human effort. Equipped with numerous robotic technologies, the RS2 plans routes and missions all by itself, and works with a multi-functional dock to enable automatic mop installation and detachment, self-cleaning, air-drying and recharging.

The RS2 marks the start of EZVIZ’s exciting move into the field of smart cleaning robots. The company will soon add the RE5 and RE5 Plus as essential, cost-effective alternatives for a wider user group, and the RC3 and RC3 Plus as entry-level economic options.

Impressively, the RS2 solves the long-standing pain point of manually changing or washing the device. With its all-in-one dock, the RS2 can auto-install its dual spinning mop pads, and auto-detach those when vacuuming a carpeted area. After each task, the RS2 will return to the dock, where it automatically washes and air dries the mop, self-removes tangled hair on the roller brush, refills its water tank, and charges its battery.

Powerfully smart for whole-home cleaning, the hassle-free RS2 can be set on a single, uninterrupted “vacuum-first, mop-next” mission. It detects carpeted areas in real time to avoid using wet pads, and auto-applies Suction Boost mode. Integrating D-ToF LiDAR, 3D structured laser and an RGB camera, the RS2 maps the layout of any home, auto-generates cleaning routes for various floors, and precisely avoids common obstacles.

More features include:

  • Large battery and water tank to clean up to 300 m2
  • Remote EZVIZ App controls over maps, tasks, modes and schedules
  • Voice command with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Built-in 3K camera with human/pet shape detection for home protection

“The RS2 is one of the most user-centered robot vacuum and mops we can find on the market,” said John Wu, global product manager at EZVIZ. “Unlike prevailing robot vacuums that still need a lot of user participation during a cleaning mission, the RS2 boasts multiple unique technologies to provide a truly tailored, automated cleaning experience.”

Source: EZVIZ Inc.


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