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Comau and IUVO Announce Collaboration with Esselunga to Develop Wearable Exoskeleton

wearable exoskeleton

Comau and IUVO, in collaboration with Esselunga, have developed a new wearable exoskeleton specifically designed to reduce lower back fatigue during lifting and repetitive tasks. Created with the aim of improving ergonomics for operators engaged in manually moving loads, it was tested at Esselunga Group, a leading large-scale retail trade company. Without using a motor or batteries, the exoskeleton provides passive assistance to the lower back muscles that are used during lifting and handling. It thus creates short- and long-term benefits for the wearer through the significant reduction in physical effort and fatigue. It also confirms Esselunga’s attention to innovation and its commitment to continually improve working conditions by placing employees at the center of its mission.

The newest Comau wearable exoskeleton stores human energy in a spring. It accommodates the specific needs of workers engaged in moving cumbersome loads by supporting users when bending their backs and during repetitive lifting. Easy to wear and quickly adjustable to fit virtually any body frame, the lightweight carbon fiber structure is water, dust, and element resistant for both indoor and outdoor use, even in highly corrosive marine environments. 

Perfect for logistics, fulfillment, manual palletizing & depalletizing, manual pick & place, bending and lifting from a floor level, MATE-XB replicates the user’s physiological movements to provide optimal lumbar support without batteries, motors or other failure-prone devices. The intuitive and easy-to-use design grants full mobility of the entire body and features a quick on/off switching functionality, allowing users to regulate the exoskeleton without interrupting the task at hand.

Source: Comau


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