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YEEDI Unveils M12 PRO+ Robot Vacuum

YEEDI Technology

YEEDI has announce the launch of its latest innovation, the M12 PRO+ robot vacuum. This state-of-the-art device is poised to revolutionize the home cleaning industry, boasting unparalleled efficiency and precision. With its groundbreaking TruEdge adaptive edge cleaning technology and ZeroTangle anti-tangle system, the M12 PRO+ ensures meticulous attention to every corner and effortless maintenance. These advanced features, combined with its smart navigation and powerful suction, make the M12 PRO+ a game-changer in achieving a pristine home environment.

Elevate Your Cleaning with the M12 PRO+

Discover the pinnacle of cleaning efficiency with the M12 PRO+, a dual-action vacuum and mop designed for every home. With its robust 11,000 Pa suction, it revitalizes floors, reaching deep into corners and edges thanks to the TruEdge system, cleaning close to a 1mm precision and ensuring no detail is missed. The innovative ZeroTangle technology, with its 21° angled brush and anti-static bristles, prevents hair from wrapping around the brush roll, making it perfect for homes with pets and kids. Experience a cleaner home where technology meets convenience, and every surface shines with the brilliance of YEEDI’s engineering.

Streamlined Efficiency: The M12 PRO+’s Docking Station

The M12 PRO+ redefines space-saving with its ultra-compact docking station, achieving significant height reductions—17% for the Water Tank Model and 30% for earlier models—melding seamlessly into your home with its quieter operation. This innovation is more than just a place for your vacuum to rest; it’s a hub of advanced cleaning technologies. From Auto-Empty and Hot-Water Mop-Washing to Automatic Small-Tank Refill and a One-Tap Self-Cleaning Procedure, every feature is designed to enhance your cleaning routine without cluttering your space. With the addition of Hot-Air Drying, the M12 PRO+ ensures a complete cleaning cycle, from start to pristine finish, epitomizing the blend of functionality and minimalism for the modern home.

Smart Navigation: The Essence of M12 PRO+ Intelligence

The M12 PRO+ elevates robotic cleaning with its advanced TrueMapping 2.0 and TrueDetect 3D 3.0 technologies, offering unmatched precision in navigation and obstacle avoidance. This intelligent system ensures efficient and comprehensive cleaning by swiftly creating accurate 2D/3D maps of your home, allowing the M12 PRO+ to glide through your living spaces with ease. It adeptly avoids obstacles, from the smallest toys to bulky furniture, ensuring no spot is overlooked. Beyond mere cleaning, the M12 PRO+ is a testament to smart living, seamlessly integrating into your daily life and ensuring that your home remains a pristine haven. With the M12 PRO+, experience the future of cleaning where technology intuitively aligns with every aspect of your home life.

“We’re excited to introduce the M12 PRO+ to the world,” says Yiqun Qian, YEEDI’s Sales Director. “This launch marks a milestone in our journey, showcasing the culmination of our team’s dedication and a profound insight into what our customers truly need. The M12 PRO+ transcends traditional cleaning, transforming it into an experience that elevates daily life and propels the entire industry into a new era. We can’t wait for our customers and YEEDI enthusiasts to witness the innovative changes the M12 PRO+ brings to their homes.”

Source: YEEDI Technology


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