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WinCo Foods Partners with Invafresh to Optimize Fresh Retail Operations


Invafresh has announced that WinCo Foods has selected Invafresh to optimize their fresh operations across multiple departments, starting with their deli, food service and seafood divisions, to reduce shrink, improve in-stocks and deliver a fresher experience to their customers.

WinCo was looking for a solution to automate production planning to deliver optimal on-shelf availability for their customers and empower their employee owners with an easy-to-use solution to provide them with real-time, actionable data. WinCo required a solution that helped to optimize labor efficiency and reduce shrink across their fresh retail operations.

“With Invafresh, we will have visibility to effectively cost recipes across all our fresh items through better analytics and by equipping our employee owners with better tools,” said Nathan Tucker, Chief Retail Officer at WinCo. “Having Invafresh as the foundational technology for our perimeter store operations will allow us to optimize our operations to reduce shrink and improve labor allocation, helping to deliver an exceptional experience to our valued customers.”

By implementing Invafresh across their fresh retail operations, WinCo will improve production planning, reduce waste, and deliver a better in-stock experience for their customers. Having a connected experience by integrating recipe management with replenishment and production planning will provide accurate AI/ML enabled demand forecasting, helping to reduce shrink and improve their view on costing and item performance.

“With our Fresh Retail Platform, WinCo will have the necessary visibility to actionable data to better allocate labor resources, reduce shrink, and drive increased efficiencies,” said Tim Spencer, Chief Executive Officer at Invafresh. “With Invafresh, WinCo will improve their automation and analytics capabilities to optimize efficiencies across multiple fresh departments, delivering a fresher shopping experience to their customers.”

“When we look at technology solutions, we look for partners that understand grocery retail and can apply that experience to help us grow our business,” said Tucker. “With Invafresh, their depth of experience in grocery retail and proven track record with other grocery retailers will help us deliver a better experience to both our employee owners and our customers.”

Source: Invafresh


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