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Thanx and Bite Announce Strategic Partnership

Bite and Thanx strategic partnership

Thanx announces strategic partnership with Bite to streamline the ordering process and enhance the guest experience by seamlessly integrating loyalty into the kiosk ordering flow.

As labor costs continue to rise, many merchants are turning to self-service kiosks to improve operational efficiency, meet evolving consumer preferences, and enhance the guest experience.

Customers expect personalized experiences across all restaurant touchpoints. The Thanx and Bite partnership enables restaurants to deliver a seamless, tailored experience to loyalty members at the kiosk, mirroring the personalization found in mobile apps and web ordering platforms. This integration ensures that customers’ preferences and past interactions are recognized, allowing for relevant recommendations, promotions, and rewards that enhance satisfaction and strengthen brand loyalty.

“We recognize the growing importance of self-service kiosks in the quick service and fast casual restaurant industry,” says Zach Goldstein, CEO of Thanx. “Our partnership with Bite allows us to provide merchants with a solution that not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures that loyalty programs remain central to the customer experience at every guest touchpoint.”

With Thanx’s robust partner APIs and development support, Bite quickly built a connection to Thanx’s loyalty platform, enabling customers to access their rewards and benefits directly from the kiosk ordering interface. The integration offers a seamless customer experience: guests approach the kiosk, build their order, input their loyalty account details, and immediately see applicable rewards. Purchases automatically link to the customer’s account, earning them points through Thanx’s card-linked loyalty technology. This intuitive flow simplifies the ordering process while ensuring customers can easily access and benefit from their loyalty rewards.

“As more brands adopt omnichannel strategies, having a loyalty program that spans channels is critical to stay relevant and meet customer expectations,” says Brandon Barton, CEO of Bite. “By seamlessly integrating Thanx’s cutting-edge loyalty capabilities into our industry-leading kiosk solution, we are providing merchants with a powerful tool to enhance customer engagement, drive repeat business, and foster long-term brand loyalty all while increasing the average check. In today’s competitive landscape, delivering a personalized and rewarding experience at every touchpoint is paramount, and this collaboration positions our customers at the forefront of this trend.”

With the integration of Thanx’s loyalty platform, customers using Bite’s self-service kiosks can easily access their loyalty benefits, ensuring a frictionless experience that encourages repeat visits and strengthens brand loyalty.

“Through seamless integration with Thanx and Bite, we’ve revolutionized the user experience for our guests,” says Caprice Kindgren, Director of Marketing at Urbane Cafe. “Addressing their main request of redeeming rewards on kiosks, this integration has made it effortlessly easy for our guests. Now, with all their rewards visible right on the screen, it’s not just a win-win, it’s a big win for us.”

Source: Thanx


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