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Tennant Company and Brain Corp Sign Exclusive Technology Agreement

Tennant Company and Brain Corp Announcement

Tennant Company and Brain Corp jointly announce an exclusive technology agreement to accelerate the development and adoption of the next generation of robots in the floor-cleaning industry. This landmark agreement builds on the historically successful partnership between the two companies and seeks to accelerate innovation. Tennant and Brain Corp bring complementary strengths to the relationship that create an exceptional customer support ecosystem. Tennant has a 150-plus year history of building industry-leading cleaning equipment and has expansive direct sales and service coverage. Brain Corp offers industry-leading and AI-enabled AMR cleaning technology, with more than 6,500 Tennant cleaning robots in the field powered by Brain. We expect Tennant’s purpose-built robotic equipment driven by Brain Corp’s next-generation and AI-enabled autonomous navigation technology will improve the customer return on investment and enable more customers to invest in robotic cleaning.

“Our customers have always relied on Tennant for equipment innovation and aftermarket support to address key business challenges such as labor shortages and cost pressures,” said Tennant Company President and CEO Dave Huml. “Our partnership with Brain Corp has already produced an industry-leading portfolio of autonomous equipment in this fast-growing space. We are excited to expand our existing partnership to dramatically accelerate the transition to robotic cleaning and drive adoption in new segments of our markets. By combining cleaning intelligence and automation, we are poised to lead the disruption that AI-enabled robotic technology will bring to our industry.”

In the second quarter of 2024, Tennant will launch the new X4 ROVR, the company’s first purpose-built Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR). The X4 ROVR offers greater maneuverability, is specifically designed for operation in smaller spaces, and is driven by Brain Corp’s next-generation navigation software and hardware suite which will be available exclusively on Tennant machines for floorcare applications. Its compact size, improved obstacle detection, and enhanced mobility will result in fewer assists and deliver a step-change improvement in customer ROI. The X4 ROVR is expected to drive an increase in robotic cleaning adoption as it provides an on-ramp to customers for whom robotic technology has previously been out of reach. The X4 ROVR is the first of many planned future AMR cleaning products powered by Brain Corp’s next-generation technology that will be exclusively available on Tennant equipment. With this agreement, the partnership seeks to accelerate the build-out of a portfolio of robotic floor-cleaning solutions to cover more cleaning applications and enhance customers’ return on investment to drive adoption.

Tennant and Brain Corp bring complementary strengths to the partnership that are positioned to drive an acceleration of robotic cleaning adoption. Tennant has a 150-plus year history of building exceptional cleaning equipment, a strong go-to-market strategy, and a differentiated customer support ecosystem. Brain Corp offers industry-leading and AI-enabled AMR cleaning technology, with more than 6,500 Tennant cleaning robots in the field powered by BrainOS®.

With this agreement and starting with the X4 ROVR, Tennant will begin offering an all-in-one AMR solution, with the equipment and autonomy services bundled as a single solution sold by Tennant. This new approach will simplify the buying experience for customers and result in Tennant benefiting from recurring revenue for autonomy services moving forward.

“This partnership further aligns two companies driven by a shared purpose: to elevate productivity and efficiency, and provide essential support for janitorial teams facing understaffing and overwhelming demand,” said Brain Corp CEO David Pinn. “At Brain Corp, we envision a world where people’s lives are made safer, easier, more productive, and more fulfilling with the help of robots, and I believe this expanded partnership will supercharge this into reality.”

“Innovation and customer focus are a significant part of Tennant’s identity,” said Huml. “This partnership amplifies our commitment to innovation as well as Brain Corp’s position as a pioneer in AI and automation applied to cleaning equipment. We are excited to unlock the full potential of next-generation robotic floor cleaning solutions that deliver true business value to customers who use our AMR equipment today and those who are waiting eagerly for an AMR solution that they can leverage for their businesses.”

With this agreement, Tennant invested $32 million in Brain Corp and Fay West, Tennant Company Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, will join the Brain Corp board of directors.

Source: Tennant Company


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