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SoftBank Robotics to Assume Distribution Business of Yo-Kai Express’ Cheffy

Softbank robotics and Yo Kai

SotfBank Robotics Corp. and Yo-Kai Express Inc. has announced that SoftBank Robotics will take over the distribution of the autonomous cooking robots in Japan, under Cheffy’s name starting April 2024.

SoftBank Robotics and Yo-Kai Express have been collaborating in distributing autonomous cooking robots that prepare and serve ramen supervised by famous restaurants to offices, lodging and commercial facilities. Yo-kai Express Inc. has been deploying its autonomous cooking robots in public transportation facilities such as train stations, airports and expressways in Japan. With SoftBank Robotics assuming distribution operations in Japan, the company aims to further expand utilization cases and distribution while continuing to improve the quality of the service.

As the business operations partner of the Silicon Valley food tech venture Yo-Kai Express, SoftBank Robotics will continue to innovate and provide new value to the food and beverage industry with innovative technology and services.

Source: SotfBank Robotics Corp.


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