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Shanghai Hi-Dolphin COFE+ Completes Second Series A Financing Round

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Shanghai Hi-Dolphin COFE+ robot coffee once again officially announced that its Series A second round of financing has been completed. Just days after the success of the first round of Series A financing, Shanghai Helium Dolphin Robot Technology Co., Ltd. has achieved the completion of the second round of financing with extremely high efficiency. This marks the fastest record in the industry of completing two rounds of financing within one week for Series A since Hi-Dolphin Company completed two rounds of pre-A financing in August 2021 within a week.

Hi-Dolphin Technology’s achievement of completing two rounds of financing within just one week undoubtedly stands as a major focus in the industry. This not only showcases investors’ optimism regarding the company’s future development prospects but also reflects a high level of recognition for its innovative products and disruptive model.

COFE+ robot coffee is surpassing the limits of traditional coffee shops, becoming an innovation benchmark in the new economy era and a leader in future business models. With robots serving humans 24/7 and working for humans for free, the dream of everyone enjoying high-quality products at the lowest price is becoming a reality. This cup from COFE+ marks the milestone of robots serving humans and opens a new era of artificial intelligence revolutionizing industries worldwide.

Source: Shanghai Hi- Dolphin COFE+ 


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