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Reeman Upgrades Delivery Robots To 3.0 Navigation Algorithm

reeman delivery robots upgrade

Reeman Robotics has recently upgraded the navigation algorithm of its delivery robots to version 3.0. This upgrade allows the robots to better cope with complex restaurant environments and achieve more flexible distribution and scheduling through its independently developed central dispatch system. This enables multi-robot collaboration, continuously optimizing the carrying capacity and enhancing the efficiency of robot group distribution, meeting the diverse usage needs of restaurant scenarios.

In complex restaurant environments, robots often face many challenges. For example, changes in environmental factors such as table and chair placements and customer flow may cause robots to deviate from their preset paths, thus affecting delivery efficiency. The launch of the 3.0 navigation algorithm further upgrades the user service experience, providing a humanized delivery method that solves the challenges faced by the catering industry.

Traditionally, when the delivery destination is occupied, the robot may wander near the target point and be unable to reach it, wasting time and resources and affecting delivery efficiency, causing dissatisfaction among restaurant customers. In the new version of the 3.0 navigation algorithm, when the robot detects that the delivery destination is occupied, it will actively choose to park near the delivery point, avoiding wandering. The new algorithm enhances the robot’s adaptability and robustness, better adapting to environmental changes.

As another core key technology of Reeman Robotics , its independently developed robot central dispatch system can achieve unified management and scheduling of robots, realizing multi-robot collaboration and having stronger adaptability to dynamic and complex scenarios such as restaurants. By setting easy-to-congest areas in the robot dispatch system and setting avoidance points outside the congested areas, and planning routes based on the robot’s location information, the system avoids congestion problems caused by narrow aisles when multiple robots are delivering at the same time in the restaurant.

In order to improve user experience, Reeman Robotics continues to push forward the key core technology of delivery robots, standing out from many robot brands in the market with its extremely strict quality standards and rapidly increasing market share. With sharp market insight, Reeman Robotics accurately grasps user needs and combines continuous technological research and development with user feedback optimization to create technology and products that customers truly need.

In the future, Reeman Robotics will lead technological breakthroughs with innovation-driven development, increase research and development efforts, improve the intelligence level and diversity of robots, and uphold its corporate mission of “making robots help us everywhere” to provide customers in various fields with high-quality, high-performance, and intelligent robot products and services, continuously promoting the rapid development of the artificial intelligence industry.

Source: Reeman Robotics


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