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Reeman Robotics Unveils AI Products At CITE 2023

Reeman Robotics AI Products

From April 7th to 9th, the 11th China Information Technology Expo (CITE 2023), themed “Innovation Leads, Collaborative Development,” was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian). Robosen Robotics showcased multiple flagship AI products at the event, including delivery robots, cleaning robots, disinfection robots, commercial service robots, chassis, AGV, etc., demonstrating its leading research achievements in the field of artificial intelligence to all attendees.

The debut of Reeman Robotics at CITE2023 highlights its leading position in the artificial intelligence industry and its ability to innovate products. Through continuous research and development and technological upgrades, Reeman Robotics has constantly improved product performance, expanded application scenarios, and provided users with more intelligent, efficient, and convenient solutions, gaining a competitive advantage in the fiercely competitive artificial intelligence market.

As a technology pioneer and innovator in the domestic next-generation intelligent mobile robot industry, Reeman Robotics leverages its keen sense of new technologies and markets, powerful R&D capabilities, and technological advantages, with product technology innovation as the core driver, to strive for the development of service robot products in all categories. At this expo, Reeman Robotics introduced three robot products as its highlights: DeliGo 2.0 delivery robot, Bearbot delivery robot, and FLY BOAT LOAD TRANSFER AGV, attracting many visitors to observe and experience.

DeliGo 2.0 and Bearbot delivery robots, as the main products of the showcased delivery series, adopt Reeman Robotics’ latest developed 3.0 navigation algorithm, which enables them to better cope with complex restaurant environments. Delivery robots often face many challenges in dynamic and complex scenes such as restaurants and hotels. The use of the new algorithm can enhance the adaptability and robustness of the robots, further optimize and upgrade the user experience with humanized delivery methods, and smoothly solve the challenges in the catering industry.

In terms of functionalities, the delivery robots adopt laser SLAM indoor autonomous navigation without the need for QR code stickers, precise positioning, and an original central dispatching system to achieve multi-robot collaboration, optimize carrying capacity, and improve the delivery efficiency of robot fleets. The robots are equipped with three/dual 3D cameras for all-around perception of the surrounding environment, intelligent fall prevention, active obstacle avoidance, low-power automatic recharging, autonomous elevator calling/door control, meeting the diversified needs of restaurant scenarios.

The Fly Boat/Big Dog chassis is a universal chassis developed by Reeman Robotics based on the ROS system, equipped with various sensors such as laser radar, ultrasonic, infrared cameras, and 3D cameras, with a large load capacity of 300KG/100KG, meeting the delivery needs in various scenarios. The SDK is open to all users, providing API interfaces for developers to create robots of any different form based on Reeman’s code, shortening the development cycle of robots, reducing costs in labor and materials, and achieving more extended functionalities.

Reeman’s Snail Cleaner commercial cleaning robot can achieve multiple uses with one machine, and has made breakthroughs in automatic dust collection, automatic water replacement, automatic recharging, and self-cleaning technologies. The globally first self-cleaning technology, with 60 self-cleaning cycles per minute, ensures no secondary pollution while mopping the floor, and the all-in-one intelligent base station seamlessly connects to the tap for automatic water replacement, constantly evolving towards a combination of intelligence, automation, and humanization.

Another Reeman commercial cleaning robot, the Snail Clean Master, enhances the cleaning capability of robots through innovation and application of artificial intelligence technology. The floor mopping module made of special high-polymer material achieves deep cleaning without damaging the floor, with autonomous planning of cleaning paths, intelligent obstacle avoidance using a 3D camera, low-battery automatic recharging, and a water recycling disinfection and filtration system that reduces water changing frequency, making it a comprehensive solution for all-floor cleaning needs in various scenarios.

Despite the lifting of pandemic restrictions, disinfection robots continue to attract attention. Reeman Disinfection Guardian is a mist disinfection robot that uses ultrasonic atomization to disinfect. The disinfection liquid is atomized at a rate of 3000mL/h to continuously disinfect and sterilize the surrounding air along a pre-set disinfection route, achieving automatic, efficient, and precise indoor disinfection and sterilization. It can disinfect a space of 1000 m³ in 15 minutes.

Another disinfection robot, the Spark UV Disinfection Robot, is equipped with 6 Philips UV lamps with a high power of 180W and a wavelength of 254nm, which can destroy the genetic material of bacteria and viruses. It has significant advantages such as high efficiency, broad spectrum, thoroughness, no drug resistance, and no secondary pollution. The robot is also equipped with 4 infrared human body sensors on the top to effectively prevent harm to human body from UV radiation. As one of the internationally recognized effective disinfection devices, it can achieve rapid disinfection in high-risk environments.

At the same time, as a high-intelligence reception robot product, Reeman Commercial Service Robot is deeply integrated into specific scenarios to quickly and conveniently solve customer inquiries. It has been widely used in government, taxation, public security, banking, hospitals, and other places, with strong voice interaction capabilities, automatic recognition of customer inquiries, precise answers, customizable semantic library, and one-stop services such as reception, business handling, intelligent explanations, and smart guidance.

So far, Reeman robotics products have covered more than 55 countries and regions, and will continue to expand domestic and international markets in the future. Through the research and innovation of diversified robot categories, Reeman robotics aims to enhance user experience and uphold the corporate mission of “Let robots help human everywhere”. Leveraging platform technology advantages, it provides high-quality, high-performance, and high-intelligence robot products and services to customers in various fields, promoting the rapid development of the artificial intelligence industry.

Source: Reeman Robotics


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