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Pudu Robotics Showcases Robots at NRA Show 2023

Pudu restaurant robots NRA show 2023

Pudu Robotics has once again showcased its arsenal of advanced robots at the prestigious National Restaurant Association Show (NRA Show) held at McCormick Place in Chicago from May 20-23. With a comprehensive line-up, Pudu Robotics is at the forefront of providing intelligent solutions for the restaurant and foodservice industry.

At the exhibition, Pudu Robotics presented its holistic Internet of Things (IoT) solution for the first time, demonstrating its continued commitment to innovation and adaptability. The IoT system allows clients to tailor robotic solutions to their specific needs. It expands the boundaries of robot use and maximizes efficiency, helping create further value for clients by adapting to various scenarios and requirements.

Pudu Robotics also exhibited a full range of intelligent solutions to help businesses manage the entire process, from customer acquisition and seating to delivery, dish return, and cleaning. The seven robots on display included BellaBot, KettyBot, PUDU HolaBot, FlashBot, SwiftBot, PuduBot 2, and the Intelligent Commercial Cleaning Robot PUDU CC1.

The PUDU CC1 provides a glimpse into the future of efficient and intelligent cleaning solutions. With its array of automation functions and pre-set program, the robot can operate automatically, streamlining cleaning procedures and enhancing workflow. In addition to restaurants and hotels, it is also an ideal solution for various indoor commercial environments, including retail stores, office buildings, schools, hospitals, and nursing homes.

Another highlight was the display of Pudu Robotics’ expandable accessories, illustrating the limitless possibilities of robot use for clients. By offering a range of customization options, Pudu Robotics empowers businesses to explore new ways of enhancing their operations and customer experiences.

The NRA Show is one of the most comprehensive trade shows for restaurant and hospitality supplies worldwide. As an annual international event, it attracts significant attention from industry professionals across the globe. At this year’s NRA Show, Pudu Robotics demonstrated its core value of being a dependable partner by showcasing its commitment to customer-centricity through reliable products, systems, service support, and product development. Pudu Robotics’ unwavering dedication to providing exceptional user experiences has been a critical factor in establishing its reputation as a trusted partner within the industry.

Source: Pudu Robotics


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