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Ottonomy Announces Strategic Partnership with Harbor Lockers

Ottobot Locker

Ottonomy announces strategic partnership with Harbor Lockers (Harbor) and introduces its customized locker-on-robot, Ottobot Locker, at CES 2024. Ottobot Locker supports first- and last-mile robot delivery options to Harbor Locker locations, creating streamlined services for end customers in a hyperlocal space for pickup, drop and delivery. In addition, Ottonomy has partnered with Cooler Keg to introduce Ottobot Brew at CES, bringing a new level of mobility and service to the beverage industry.

Ottonomy’s patented and award winning L4 autonomous have been customized for the development of Ottobot Locker and will be showcased at the Ottonomy and Harbor Locker CES booths. Ottobot Locker seamlessly runs on the Harbor Locker’s app ecosystem and brings a revolutionary dimension to fixed smart lockers by adding mobility for first and last mile delivery. The partnership is backed by a strategic investment from the venture arm of Assa Abloy (Harbor’s parent company), Locker One Ventures.

“Locker One Ventures is focused on innovating customer experiences with new services and applications,” says Smart Locker Expert and General Partner of Locker One Ventures, Arik Levy. “Integrating first and last-mile options with autonomous robots is paving the way for the future of logistics. With this investment and partnership, we are excited to be at the forefront of creating a new standard for contactless customer service.”

On the other side, fulfilling customer needs “On the Spot,” Ottonomy is announcing Ottobot Brew at CES. Blending technology and convenience, revolutionizing premium mobile beverage service. The company has teamed up with Cooler Keg to integrate their ultra-portable cooler and CO₂-driven draft system for automatic dispensing of various beverages. The Ottobot Brew is enabling users to effortlessly order, select, pay, and receive drinks at their location with unparalleled ease. The partnership with Cooler Keg is aimed to dispense any cold brew of aerated drinks, including beer, cocktails and even cold coffee for stadiums, casinos, hotels and public events.

“Our autonomous robot technology is changing the way brands can meet growing customer demands,” says CEO and co-founder, Ritukar Vijay. “All of our strategic partnerships will focus on ways that autonomous delivery robots can sustainably enhance customer service through accessibility, mobility and scalability.”

Source: Ottonomy


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