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Olam Food Ingredients Expands its Use of Rockwell Automation and GR Technology

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Olam Food Ingredients (OFI) expands its use of the Rockwell Automation MES Plex Smart Manufacturing Cloud and GR Technology’s (GRT) GR8T EDI Platform and Utility, solving supply chain disruptions and issues with impacted materials. This enhancement automates shipping functions in Plex from 3PL information in real-time saving shipping costs to OFI, their customers, and improving delivery lead times.

The GR8T EDI Platform and Utility empowers manufacturers like OFI to automate processes therefore eliminating manual activities, streamlining retail packaging, and simplifying order management. By integrating these GR8T solutions within their Rockwell Automation MES Plex Smart Manufacturing Cloud, OFI has significantly optimized inventory management, achieving faster product distribution times and ensuring highly accurate material availability.

“Working with GRT to integrate our Plex MES system and our 3PL (third-party logistics) providers has been very successful in creating efficiencies, greater inventory accuracy, and automated what used to be a very manual process. It has given us the ability to manage by exception as we look to integrate more third-party providers and trust our technology to do the work.” said Marcus Merchant, Director of IT at OFI.

“We developed the GR8T Platform with the focus of streamlining processes, providing connectivity between various software systems that is easily configurable, scalable, and deployable in weeks or even days. We are very pleased to launch our platform solution in a little over 6 weeks for OFI, helping them achieve efficiency gains in a very short period.” said Balasubramani Ganesh, Chief Executive Officer at GR Technology, Inc. 

Source: GR Technology, Inc.


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