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Nala Robotics Unveils Autonomous Bowl and Sandwich Bot

Autonomous bowl and sandwich robot

Nala Robotics, an AI technology company revolutionizing the culinary industry, today unveiled two fully autonomous, self-cleaning robots that can prepare an unlimited assortment of customized food bowls and sandwiches anytime, anywhere and without human intervention.

Ideal for quick-service chain restaurants and commercial kitchens, these latest additions to the company’s growing lineup of robot chefs are compact, scalable, cost-effective solutions that enable restaurateurs to offer expanded menu items without additional labor costs.

“Hectic lifestyles continue to drive the growing sandwich market as hungry consumers on the go still choose subs for quick meals,” said Ajay Sunkara, CEO and founder at Nala Robotics. “At the same time, people like the versatility of more health-conscious food bowls for meal customization. All of our robots bring to restaurants and commercial kitchens a wide variety of cuisines and popular menu items that always can be generating income, while serving a larger clientele of customers.”

Within a 10’x10′ footprint, Bowl Bot can prepare an infinite number of salad bowls, vegan bowls and burrito bowls. Consumers can select from 28 ingredients of bases, proteins and toppings, including chopped and sliced assorted vegetables, meats and cheeses. Bowl Bot also can grip and control sauce bottles while administering food portions with 95% accuracy, ensuring quality and consistency, while eliminating food waste.

Sandwich Bot can prepare nearly any type of sandwich from 48 choices of meats, vegetables and cheeses – all within a 16′ x 12′ space. Consumers can also select bread choice options and various spreads and sauces to customize their favorite subs.

The Wingman can pick up and load frying baskets with chicken wings, French fries and other food items, dip them in oil and shake off any excess. The multi-fryer configuration allows different cooked foods to simultaneously be sent to individual seasoning bins where spices or sauces are added and properly mixed to ensure every wing or food item is evenly coated.

Spotless by Nala provides a complete dishwashing solution, from scrubbing to storage. This highly intelligent robot will remove leftovers, rinse and clean cookware, cutlery, dishware and glassware, as well as dry, stack and store hundreds of varieties of utensils and kitchenware.

Source: Nala Robotics


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