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Nala Robotics Introduces Spotless Autonomous Dishwasher


Nala Robotics is now tackling one of the food industry’s toughest and hardest jobs to fill with the introduction of Spotless by Nala™, a robotic dishwasher that can easily be added to professional kitchens with minimal changes to existing layouts.

Currently being deployed in restaurants, senior living centers and other commercial venues, Spotless uses high-performance camera systems and machine learning to provide a complete dishwashing solution, from scrubbing to storage. This highly intelligent robot will remove leftovers, rinse and clean cookware, cutlery, dishware and glassware, as well as dry, stack and store hundreds of varieties of utensils and kitchenware.

“Our revolutionary patented dishwashing system allows operators to overcome staffing challenges and never miss a smudge,” says Ajay Sunkara, CEO of Nala Robotics. “We’ve heard countless stories from managers and owners who had to pull double duty because the dish washer didn’t show up for work. By installing our robot, they’ll never have to worry about turnaround time and every dish will be spotless.”

Several career and job websites estimate turnover rates of dish washers at 50 percent or higher in their first year of employment. Meanwhile, a growing number of consumers are becoming more amenable to robots taking on expanding roles in the workplace, particularly at restaurants and other food establishments.

According to a recent national Xcelerant omnibus survey of 1,042 U.S. adults, dish washer (59 percent) was the highest ranked potential task for robots aside from a chef.

Nala Robotics has several turnkey products in the pipeline for restaurants, entertainment venues, stadiums, hotels, conventions centers and other locations.

“We are continuously developing additional solutions and innovations to meet the needs of our customers like our new Spotless robot, which also can work alongside staff for high-volume cleaning,” said Vijay Kodali, CTO of Nala Robotics. “There continues to be great opportunity for Nala Robotics as we work at enhancing daily functions in restaurant kitchens with our proprietary AI technology that not only saves costs but improves productivity.”

Source: Nala Robotics


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