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MetaDolce Technologies Named Authorized U.S. Reseller by Richtech Robotics

MetaDolce Technologies, Inc.

MetaDolce Technologies, Inc. has been named an authorized U.S. reseller by Richtech Robotics Inc. Recently, Richtech introduced Medbot: a new elevator-enabled robot designed to enhance pharmacy and hospital operations with uninterrupted medical delivery. MetaDolce Technologies, through its website, will co-market and sell Medbot along with Richtech throughout the United States, with product placements expected to begin in the second quarter of 2024.

As the wave of robotics innovation continues worldwide, perhaps the most natural fit for automated package delivery is in medical services,” said Mr. Moshe Meppen, President & CEO, MetaDolce Technologies. “Richtech’s new delivery robot, Medbot, is ideal for this role: providing elevator-enabled 24/7 medical delivery that is self-running, and secure using ‘Chain of Custody’ tracking technology. We look forward to working with Richtech to launch and sell Medbot, as well as other solutions from Richtech’s extensive product catalog.”

“With our track record of success across hospitality and service sectors, producing a delivery solution for the healthcare industry was a natural progression,” said Matt Casella, President of Richtech. We’re equally excited about our new reseller partnership with MetaDolce Technologies, who will assist us going forward in launching and placing the Medbot medical delivery robot in pharmacy and medical operations throughout the United States.”

Source: MetaDolce Technologies


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