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Marco’s Pizza® to Collaborate with Magna to Explore New Mobility Solutions

Marco's Pizza Food Delivery

Marco’s Pizza to collaborate with Magna to explore new mobility solutions in last-mile food delivery in certain locations throughout North America.

The two companies signed a memorandum of understanding to test a variety of last-mile delivery platform options, including autonomous and electric solutions, with Marco’s franchisees. Each last-mile delivery platform provides Marco’s franchisees with purpose-built, dedicated delivery solutions that are low-cost and environmentally friendly.  

“As one of the largest pizza brands, we invest in innovations that drive our franchisees’ businesses forward while meeting the needs of today’s modern customer,” said Rick Stanbridge, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Marco’s Pizza. “Our strategic collaboration with Magna exemplifies this forward-thinking approach, and we plan to leverage their expertise to amplify our operations and elevate customer satisfaction.”

Over the next several months, Magna and Marco’s will discuss proof-of-concept followed by a kick-off of in-market pilot projects with participating franchisees. These initial projects will provide valuable data and insights into last-mile delivery usage rates, customer acceptance and overall efficiency.

“As we look at how people and goods will move in the future, we are continuously identifying new applications and technologies to match the needs of the expanded mobility landscape, the last-mile delivery market being one of them,” said Matteo Del Sorbo, Executive Vice President at Magna and Global Lead for Magna New Mobility.

“By collaborating with a company like Marco’s, we want to not only create an exceptional experience for their franchisees and customers but continue to evolve our last-mile delivery offerings.”

Source: Marco’s Pizza


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