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LBX Food Robotics Launches Online Menu

LBX Food Robotics Launches Online Menu for Bake Xpress

LBX Food Robotics has announced its new online menu that features a broad selection of foods that are ideal for its Bake Xpress hot food kiosk. The menu features foods that are currently baking at Bake Xpress customer sites, including pizzas, pasta, sandwiches, pastries, breakfast foods and more. It includes ordering information from nationwide distributors and suppliers plus the ability to sort by supplier, meal and food type, making it easy to plan menus for Bake Xpress with verified items. Customers are not limited to the listed foods or suppliers, and can continue to choose their own foods and partners if desired.

“Our customers have unlimited flexibility to plan their Bake Xpress menu, but we wanted to make it easy for them to get started or expand what they are serving,” said Benoit Herve, founder and CEO of LBX Food Robotics. “This new online resource can be a turnkey solution where they select foods and use the ordering information provided, or it can spark ideas for new menu items that they get from their existing partners or prepare in their own kitchens.” Mr. Herve notes that the online menu is only a sampling of available foods, and that LBX can provide customers with extensive listings from national suppliers such as Sysco, Vistar, DOT and USFOODS.

Bake Xpress is a unique hot food vending kiosk that bakes high-quality foods on demand using a combination of infrared, convection, and microwave heating to deliver restaurant-quality results. The online menu can be viewed here.

Source: LBX Food Robotics


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