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KUKA Expands its Range of Autonomous Mobile Robots

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KUKA combines flexibility and reliability in demanding environments with the KMR iisy, a fully integrated combination of cobot and transport platform, and the KMP 1500P, an innovative mobile platform. Optimally equipped for production and storage facilities, these robots provide the ideal smart partners for Industry 4.0.

KMR iisy: Smart manufacturing and logistics partner

The KMR iisy mobile cobot moves quickly and safely through space for flexible use at various workstations in assembly and intralogistics, and as a robot service system. It includes the LBR iisy, with a payload capacity of 11 or 15 kg, and a mobile platform that can carry a supplementary load of up to 200 kg. Low-particle and low-emission characteristics and ESD certification allow for safe use of the KMR iisy in cleanrooms. Its smartPAD pro smart control operates both cobot and platform, with no need for a second operating device.

KMP 1500P: Maximum efficiency in production facilities

The KMP 1500P mobile platform provides a groundbreaking automation solution for optimization of intralogistic processes. It can transport up to 1.5 tons of various materials and workpieces, with a 60 mm stroke and precise positioning accuracy. It is an indispensable partner to pick goods, supply materials to lines and cells, and transport workpieces in process linking.

KUKA’s new generation of autonomous mobile robots

KUKA’s new AMR generation meets the highest demands of Logistics 4.0, with intelligence, flexibility, and safe and easy use. Install 3D cameras, safety laser scanners and IP class 54 for reliable protection of robots, loads and the immediate vicinity. With differential drive and flexible mobility, these mobile robots can handle any dynamic and complex environment and adapt travel paths autonomously and efficiently.

Inductive and intelligent 24/7 charging management enables these robots to charge both at a charging station and during the work process. Any required maintenance is easy and quick, with large access hatches on the KMR iisy and easily replaceable control and switching electronics on the KMP 1500P. The new, intelligent KMReS fleet manager greatly simplifies integration for a cost-efficient, safe solution.

A competitive future with the KMR iisy and KMP 1500P

Easy operation of KUKA mobile robots makes it possible to improve processes in (intra)logistics, thereby saving time and costs. This savings benefits large, medium-sized and small companies alike, paving the way toward a competitive future.

Source: KUKA


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