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Knightscope Continues to Improve Efficiency and Client Satisfaction

Knightscope security robot

Knightscope, Inc. announces that the more than 50% of its clients have been upgraded to the fifth generation of its K5 Autonomous Security Robot (“ASR”), bringing the Company closer to completing another one of the steps on the road to profitability proposed during its first annual Innovation Week.

Machine ‘hot-swaps’ began earlier this year following the engineering release of the fully redesigned K5 ASR. This all-new security robot is faster to build, improves quality, and is easier to service. When paired with Knightscope’s recently announced Risk & Threat Exposure (“RTX”) enhancement to its Machine-as-a-Service business model, the Company is able to elevate the delivery of public safety tools to its clients. As a result, on-site performance and reliability are strengthened, which raises client value and satisfaction.

Stock Analyst Maintains ‘Buy’ Rating for Knightscope

Ascendiant Capital Markets LLC (“Ascendiant”) released its latest report maintaining a buy rating for Knightscope shares and has revised its price target to $3.75 per share. Ascendiant has conducted extensive research and analysis stating, “We believe strong growth over the next year and AI assets to drive stock much higher. [Knightscope’s] reorg should drive better efficiencies and profitability.”

Ascendiant is an investment banking and equity research firm focusing on high-growth sectors, with expertise in technology, healthcare, and other emerging industries. It has not received compensation for advisory or investment banking services from the Company in the past 12 months.

Valuation attractive: We are maintaining our BUY rating but lowering our 12-month price target to $3.75 from $4.25, based on a NPV analysis, representing significant upside from the current share price. We believe this valuation appropriately balances out the company’s high risks with its high growth prospects and large upside opportunities.” – Ascendiant

Source: Knightscope, Inc. 


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