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JAKA Robotics Unveils New JAKA Zu 20 Collaborative Robot at Hannover Fair 2024

JAKA Robotics collaborative robot

JAKA Robotics launches its largest yet collaborative robot, the JAKA Zu 20, at the prestigious Hannover Fair 2024. With its 20 kg payload, 1780 mm reach, and IP65 ingress protection, the JAKA Zu 20 offers exceptional performance, versatility, and reliability in industrial automation. 

The JAKA Zu 20 is engineered to meet the demands of tasks requiring higher payload and extended reach, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications such as palletizing, machine tending or material handling across various industries. Building upon the acclaimed qualities of the JAKA Zu series, which until now consisted of Zu 3, Zu 5, Zu 7, Zu 12 and Zu 18, this cutting-edge cobot combines strength with precision, delivering unparalleled functionality. 

Among JAKA Robotics’ existing cobots, the JAKA Pro 16 has garnered significant popularity for its long reach. However, the introduction of the JAKA Zu 20 adds an extra layer of capability to the lineup, with an extended reach and a payload increase of 4 kg. 

Charles Zhu, the Product Director at JAKA Robotics: “The introduction of the JAKA Zu 20 marks a significant milestone for JAKA Robotics. We recognized the need in the market for a JAKA cobot that not only offers higher payload capacity and extended reach, but also has the IP rating necessary for the cobots to work in humid, dusty, dirty environments. The Zu 20 addresses this demand, emphasizing our commitment to empowering manufacturers with technology that fits their evolving automation needs.” 

Following the establishment of its European headquarters in Fürth, Germany, in early 2023, JAKA Robotics has actively expanded its presence across Europe. This includes additional representations in Spain and Italy, as well as the continuous growth of its partner network throughout the region. JAKA Robotics’ collaboration with the likes of Schneider Electric and Siemens demonstrates the company’s increasing footprint in the region. Launching the JAKA Zu 20 is poised to further solidify this foothold. 

Wolfgang Lienke, Head of JAKA Europe: “European customers are increasingly appreciating the exceptional price-performance ratio that JAKA offers. With the arrival of the Zu 20 we will fulfil the market request for higher payload capacity – something we have witnessed from our partners and end users in Europe. We are excited to introduce Zu 20 to the European audience and are especially proud to be able to do it at Hannover Fair, which is an unparalleled platform for industry advancements.” 

Key benefits of the JAKA Zu 20 include: 

  • Fast pace: Utilizing advanced trajectory algorithms and joint ratios, the Zu 20 achieves top-notch speed, reaching 3 m/s maximum end speed. 
  • Long reach: With an extended effective picking space, the Zu 20 covers more industry scenarios while maintaining industry-leading ±0.05 mm repeatability. 
  • Strong IP-Level: Featuring IP65 level protection against dust and water, the Zu 20 thrives in harsh and complex working conditions. 
  • High Payload: With a payload capacity of 20 kg, the Zu 20 is suitable for handling heavy-duty workpiece scenarios. 
  • Flexible assembly: The Zu 20 can be mounted in any direction and angle, meeting diverse layout needs of modern factories. 
  • Simple operation: Rich application packages and intuitive graphical user interfaces enhance worker efficiency and ease of use. 

The JAKA Zu 20 is making its public debut at Hannover Fair 2024. Throughout the entire week, from 22.04 to 26.04, visitors can experience the Zu20 firsthand at JAKA stand F38 in Hall 5 and interact with the JAKA experts to learn more about the new product. 

Source: JAKA Robotics


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