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Han’s Robot to Showcase Elfin Cobot at METALEX 2023


Han’s Robot to exhibit its Elfin Cobot with CNC Loading and Unloading Solution at METALEX 2023. This solution has the advantages of high stability, high accuracy and high efficiency, and perfectly matches the automation needs of CNC machine tools. In addition, Han’s Elfin collaborative robot can also be used together with mobile manipulator, seventh-axis and other equipment to achieve cross-regional picking-and-placing materials, so that one robot can correspond to multiple CNC machine tools, and realize the whole process of automatic loading and unloading operations.

Moreover, loading and unloading solution by Han’s Robot has the advantages of:

Compact structure: As the most flexible collaborative robot, each joint of elfin has a ±360° range of motion.

Flexible production: With multiple end tools, the working process is more flexible. The production efficiency and productivity of loading and unloading are effectively improved.

Easy programming: With graphical programming, Elfin quickly complete the programming and debugging of preset actions, saving a lot of time and labor costs.

Visit the company’s booth at AJ08, Hall 99!

More Info:

Dates: 22-25 November, 2023

Location: BITEC, Bangkok, ThaiIand

Booth No: AJ08, Hall 99

Source: Han’s Robot


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