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Cranfield University and Peyk to Launch Campus Delivery Robots

Cranfield University delivery robots

Cranfield University announces collaboration with Peyk to launch campus delivery robots. Trials of the PeykBot, a flexible peer-to-peer robot, will take place in the Spring of 2024, and tie into a student group project to enable those studying robotics to gain industry-relevant experience.

With Cranfield as a UK university campus testing ground, it’s expected that the robots will be used in the future for mail deliveries, food deliveries and for sending goods and library books around campus. The peer-to-peer system means that the robots can be hired and controlled by individuals, giving more flexibility to the service. The PeykBot is also able to climb kerbs and has a modular system which means different size and function boxes can be attached to the main robot body.

Researchers and students in Cranfield’s Centre for Robotics and Assembly will be helping Peyk engineers to facilitate the campus trials, collecting data, optimising the operation of the robots and helping to develop the technology and mechanics of the vehicles. The students’ work will help to fine-tune the robots for rollouts to other UK university campuses.

Gilbert Tang, Senior Lecturer in Robotics, said: “With delivery robots becoming a more common sight on UK pavements, we’re delighted to be the first university campus to roll out this kind of service to our students and staff. This is also a fantastic opportunity for our students to learn directly from a robotics company and apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios.”

Salman Moghimi, Founder and CEO of Peyk, said: “We are super proud to have a partner like Cranfield to be the first in the UK to deploy in campus robotic deliveries. This collaboration also enables the students to have a hands-on experience on real operational robots as well as potentially creating unique post study job opportunities.”

Source: Cranfield University


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