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Blendid Announces that Thor’s Skyr will Open its First Robotic Smoothie Kiosks

Blendid Robotic Food Automation Platform

Blendid® announces that Thor’s Skyr will open its first autonomous robotic kiosk locations powered by Blendid technology later this year. The Thor’s Skyr by Blendid locations will be the first robotic kiosks in the United States to offer skyr-based smoothies to consumers. 

“We’re thrilled to give skyr-lovers more ways to enjoy our refreshing and nutritious products on the go, and our first robotic kiosks will serve our new lactose-free formula skyr blended smoothies,” said Unnar Beck Danielsson, CEO and co-founder, Thor’s Skyr. “As we continue to introduce consumers to the innovative protein-packed benefits of Thor’s Skyr, Blendid’s robotic kiosks will help us scale faster and expand the reach of our product line.”

Available in over 1,600 stores nationwide, Thor’s Skyr was founded by actors Terry Crews, Hafthor Julius Bjornsson and Dylan Sprouse alongside Icelandic entrepreneur  and restaurant veteran Unnar Beck Danielsson. With more protein and less sugar than yogurt, Thor’s Skyr’s fan-favorite plain flavor has 21 grams of protein per 6-ounce cup, while the flavored offerings contain 18 grams of protein – providing consumers with a delicious variety of flavors with no added sugar.

Leveraging Blendid’s contactless food automation platform foodOS®, a patented machine learning, robotics, and artificial intelligence-enabled system, the Thor’s Skyr by Blendid kiosks will make healthy quick-serve food options made on-demand and customized to meet individual preferences accessible in more locations for consumers. Blendid kiosks can be accessible 24-hours a day, seven days a week as location traffic demands.

“AI-powered robotic solutions are helping the food service industry evolve. Consumers want quick, fresh and nutritious food options at all hours, but that puts tremendous pressure on food industry operators to try to manage staffing, supply and operational requirements,” said Vipin Jain, CEO and co-founder of Blendid. “As we continue to drive the health-conscious reinvention of fast food, our robotic smoothie kiosks are helping food innovators like the Thor’s Skyr team deliver the fast, customizable and nutritious on-the-go food choices that consumers crave.”

More details on locations and specific Thor’s Skyr smoothie kiosk menu offerings will be made available as plans are finalized.

Source: Blendid


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