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AIQ and AVEVA Announce Collaboration

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AIQ and AVEVA have announced a strategic agreement to develop the market-leading Neuron5 autonomous operations project.

The memorandum of understanding (MOU) will incorporate AIQ’s and AVEVA’s advanced technologies into the project, which is designed to boost efficiency and enable the implementation of autonomous systems across the value chain.

The partnership between AVEVA and AIQ will combine leading-edge technological expertise in implementing autonomous operations for multiple industrial assets. The aim is to reduce downtime, enhance asset availability, minimize manual control operations, and empower teams to take proactive, informed, actions, enhanced and accelerated by autonomous decision support.

Joint surveys will be conducted to assess customers’ requirements for autonomous operation hardware and telecoms. There will also be training and skills development for engineers to focus on advanced analytics solutions. Both companies will also work towards the integration of multiple existing solutions into a unified, collaborative platform.

Source: AVEVA 


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