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Injection Molding Solutions

ThermoFab: Your Partner in Thermoforming and Injection Molding Solutions
ThermoFab, a division of The Producto Group, is a trusted industry leader with over four decades of expertise in thermoforming and injection molding for heavy-gauge plastic enclosures. From initial design to tooling and production, our expertise ensures your products are manufactured with high-quality materials and tailored to your exact specifications.

Heavy-Gauge Thermoforming & Injection Molding

At ThermoFab, our comprehensive suite of thermoforming and injection molding services is tailored to meet your enclosure development needs. With extensive experience in large multi-part projects from heavy-gauge plastic enclosures for restaurant and warehouse robotics to plastic panels & shrouds for medical devices—we provide solutions to meet your needs.


In addition, we provide a collaborative approach to our rapid prototyping services, transforming your ideas into tangible high-quality prototypes. Leveraging our experience in DFMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly) principles, our team will ensure the product performs as expected, reducing risk, and enabling you to validate not only the design but also market interest.

Custom Mold Tooling

ThermoFab specializes in both pre-production and full production molds, utilizing premium materials like aluminium or P-20 steel, to ensure we deliver the highest quality molds. Our tooling is customized to meet your production requirements, enhancing the reliability and longevity of your molds.

Fabrication and Production Services

Our combination of advanced systems, dedicated professionals, and leading-edge fabrication services ensures that every product is manufactured to your specifications. Our fabrication services include integrating components such as hinges, handles, inserts, and fastening devices into your components, including complex sub-assembly and final assembly services.


ThermoFab has extensive expertise in thermoforming or injection molding a diverse variety of robotic applications including:

  1. Robot Arm Enclosures/Housings
  2. Robot Base Enclosures/Housing
  3. User Interface/Display Enclosures
  4. Workstation Enclosures
  5. Battery Enclosures
  6. Camera Enclosures
  7. Electronic Equipment Enclosures

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  • 76 Walker Road, Shirley, MA 01464
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