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Empowering automation with complete robotics solution.

Complete robotic solution

Richtech Robotics pride themselves on offering a complete robotics solution. Whether you’re looking to automate production, cleaning, or delivery, Richtech Robotics have robust automated solutions that generate revenue and solve your business problems.

Since its inception, Richtech Robotics solutions have been implemented across the country in restaurants, hotels, casinos, senior living homes, factories and retail centers, bringing people together by automating the tasks that keep them apart.


ADAM is an interactive robot bartender, barista, chef, and more. ADAM is an efficient and reliable worker that can produce at unprecedented levels

  • Performs excellently in any fast-paced environment
  • Able to generate revenue 24/7, no breaks needed

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  • 4175 Cameron St, Las Vegas, Nevada US
  • (866) 236-3835
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  • 4175 Cameron St, Las Vegas, Nevada US
  • (866) 236-3835
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