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Specializing in commercial service robots.

Commercial service robot

KEENON Robotics is a globally renowned leading provider of service robotics, offering a comprehensive range of service robots and integrated solutions for global enterprises.

Founded in 2010, KEENON Robotics has become a dependable business partner in the global markets with coverage of over 60 countries and regions and over 600 cities worldwide. By applying advanced intelligent service robots and AI technology, the company has created efficient, stable, reliable and practical solutions, helping enterprises in various industries around the world improve service efficiency and realize intelligent upgrading. At present, the Company serves customers from various fields, including catering, hotels, hospitals, industrial, supermarkets and retail, entertainment and recreation, sports and more.

Smart Catering Solutions

Food delivery robots can improve service efficiency and quality, reduce operation costs and create service characteristics for the catering industry. Additional to serving dishes in restaurants, it can also be used to serve tea and water in offices, send and receive express deliveries, deliver takeaway food, and provide goods distribution services for hotels and more.

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  • Building 56, No. 1000 Jinhai Road, Pudong District, Shanghai
  • +86-400-8335-808
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  • Building 56, No. 1000 Jinhai Road, Pudong District, Shanghai
  • +86-400-8335-808
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