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Autonomous cooking solution

Else Labs is building the future of autonomous cooking in every kitchen. The company first invented Oliver by else, a robot chef that replicates stovetop cooking for households. After receiving so much interest from the commercial industry, else introduced The Oliver Fleet, a commercial kitchen solution that is versatile and compact, making processes smooth, efficient, and streamlined.

The Oliver Fleet can execute cooking functions such as auto-dispensing ingredients and water, stirring, and heat control. It can perform cooking techniques such as sauté, boil, braise, and sear, using a variety of ingredient types like raw, frozen, dry, and liquids. The Fleet is app operated, providing access to hundreds of recipes, easy recipe creation, inventory control, and fleet management. With Else Lab’s patented technology, human involvement is eliminated during the cooking process, while still providing consistent high-quality fresh food.



The versatility of The Oliver Fleet allows it to perfectly complement and support your staff whether it be a restaurant, café, or ghost kitchen. Introducing The Fleet can reduce your turn costs, reducing the reliance on highly skilled individuals, and increase culinary efficiencies to allow for more manageable workloads. The Fleet can cover up to 80% of most menus with a variety of recipe types, such as pastas, curries, stir frys, stews, and more!


The Oliver Fleet can provide high quality and nutritious meals that your patients and residents will love. By introducing The Fleet, your staff won’t have to worry about managing the cooking process. The Fleet does all of the cooking, providing consistency while also meeting nutritional requirements. This allows your team to focus on other important tasks, reducing the challenge of an overwhelming workload. Additionally, our Fleet management system provides easy and clear monitoring capabilities for the lead chef or Food service manager.


Whether catering at a school, large scale event, or a corporate setting, The Oliver Fleet is the perfect addition to your team. The Fleet can produce consistent and high quality meals in the exact volume you need, which can result in expanding the overall offerings you can provide your clients. You can increase your bottom line, without increasing the staff to do so.

Remote Site Catering

The Oliver Fleet can easily support catering for well over 100 POBs on oil rigs, deep-sea maintenance, and shipping vessels. Introducing The Oliver Fleet ensures that you’ll have consistent and high quality results, every time. Additionally, our Fleet management system provides easy and clear monitoring capabilities for the executive chef or food service manager without the need to be on-site.

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