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Providing your kitchen with an autonomous cooking solution.

Autonomous cooking solution

Else Labs is building the future of autonomous cooking in every kitchen. The company first invented Oliver by else, a robot chef that replicates stovetop cooking. After receiving so much interest from the commercial industry, Else introduced The Oliver Fleet. This is a kitchen solution that is versatile and compact, making your process smooth, efficient, and streamlined.

The Oliver Fleet has the capability to dispense ingredients, manage cooking temperatures, as well as mix and stir when required, providing your kitchen with an autonomous cooking solution.

Offshore Catering

The Oliver Fleet can easily support all catering for well over 150 POBs on oil rigs, deep-sea maintenance, and shipping vessels.

Quick Service Restaurants

The versatility of The Oliver Fleet allows it to perfectly complement and support your staff whether it be a café, restaurant, food truck, or ghost kitchen. Not only can The Fleet cook the menu staples, but it can also assist with batch cooking of sauces, jams, fillings, and more!


Whether catering at a school/college, large scale event or a retirement community, The Oliver Fleet is the perfect addition to your team. The Fleet can produce the volume required, while still ensuring consistent results.

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