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Reimagining the kitchens of the future.

Rolo Robotics are a Robotics and AI company solving the operating and scalability challenges within the Food and Beverage industry.

The company’s mission is to REIMAGINE KITCHENS through its modular hardware and software technology.

MAYA – Autonomous Fast Food Kiosk

MAYA is the world’s first fully integrated, autonomous fast food kiosk system that combines AI and robotics to freshly prepare a combo meal – fried chicken, fries, and a beverage; replicating the fast food experience.

MAYA offers customisable options through choice of seasoning, sauce, and crispiness levels. It features technology that ensures seamless operation from start to finish. 

Key Features:

  • 4.5 sqm Foot print
  • Self cleaning
  • Integration with delivery partners
  • Food safety
  • Self exhaust with 4 stage air filtration
  • Remote management

Contact Information

  • 202 Bedok South Ave 1, Blk A, #03-00, Singapore 469332
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Head Office Address
  • 202 Bedok South Ave 1, Blk A, #03-00, Singapore 469332
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