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MACCO Robotics

Robotic solutions for hospitality.

Robotic Solutions for hospitality

MACCO is a foodtech firm focused on the development and manufacturing of products and processes based on robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

MACCO’s Spanish-designed and manufactured robots allow the company to prepare and serve food and drinks safely, as well as take orders from the kitchen or bar to the table.

  • 24-hour technical service to resolve incidents.
  • Constant software updates and preventive visits.
  • ​Products and projects adaptable to customer needs.


KIME is the company’s humanoid which has the ability to prepare and serve any type of drink as well as controls the quality of each drink prepared. You can have it in a kiosk format or integrated directly into the bar counter.


Cart is a new concept of automated cart for serving food and drinks, with a portable and multifunctional design. It can be equipped with a wide variety of products, it is customizable, and easy to transport. 

Dibo Delivery 

Dibo Delivery is a waiter robot with an automated platform created to serve food from one point to another, with the least human intervention.

Dark Kitchen 

Dark Kitchen is a revolutionary new concept through which hospitality businesses will supply delivery platforms through “ghost restaurants” and thus end the saturation that establishments suffer with due to the rise of home delivery orders.

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  • Calle Leonardo Da Vinci 20, 41092 Sevilla
  • +34 854 943 001
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  • Calle Leonardo Da Vinci 20, 41092 Sevilla
  • +34 854 943 001
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